Choosing the right agency to help drive your property or construction company forward is a huge decision and not one that should be taken lightly.

Choose the right property marketing agency and it can add real value to your quest for growth; make the wrong choice and you will lose both time and money.

The right agency should bring you ideas, deliver stunning and effective communications, and be ever mindful of generating the best ROI for your budget at all times.

Here are our 6 key considerations for choosing the right property marketing agency:

1. Seek Referrals – Speak to industry colleagues and friends that have delivered successful communications to see who delivered the work. Use your online networks to seek referrals – Twitter and LinkedIn will be extremely useful here.

2. View Credentials & Portfolio Examples – A good agency will be happy to share examples of previous projects that they have delivered. If you are looking for an agency to deliver both on and offline communications, then request examples of work delivered across all mediums.

3. Initiate a conversation – If you have narrowed down your search to two or three potential agencies, then now is the time to initiate a conversation. Invite the agencies in for a chat, this is essential to allow you to judge the ‘vibe’ and ensure you like the people you will be dealing with.

4. Steer clear of beauty parades – Pitches with multiple agencies won’t necessarily produce the desired effect.  Most large agencies will use their best team to work on the ideas stage and their most polished staff to present at the pitch.  Once the contract is awarded, you may well find that you’re working with totally different people. Big competitive pitches do not necessarily lead to the best agency to work with so try and keep it personal, and aim to chat to the team that you know will be doing the work.

5. Seek Specialist Knowledge & Experience – An agency that fully understands the industry in which you operate is an extremely valuable asset. It is impossible to be a specialist across all industry sectors so working with a company that knows the challenges your company faces and has experience and expertise in communicating to your audience is of real benefit.

6. Go With Your Gut – Sometimes if just ‘feels right’. If you have confidence in a supplier, feel comfortable that you can work with them, and feel enthusiastic about getting started, then go with the flow; your gut feeling will be right 99% of the time!