The importance of property or construction companies having a professional and highly usable website cannot be stressed enough.

There’s been a huge increase in the use of the web across all areas of property – both at the business end and for consumers searching for property – meaning that no matter how large or established the company, those that fall short with their online communications will soon begin to lag behind those that have paid attention.

If Johnny-come-lately has a visible and effective online presence, the chances are he’ll be getting the leads, whilst the big, old ostriches with their heads in the sand will go hungry.

Too often we encounter property and construction companies that pay little or no attention to their websites.

Whether marketing property, or marketing your organisation to companies within the commercial or residential property sectors, it is imperative that your website conveys your organisation in its best light.

As a minimum, your property website should be:

1. Professionally designed  – with engaging aesthetics, interesting with professionally written content and well-structured for easy navigation.

2. Built with the user in mind – if it is a real estate site, the property search function should be prominently displayed and intuitive. You can’t spend long enough testing this.  If you’re a construction company then how easily can a visitor check sector-specific project case studies?

4. Designed to generate enquiries – How easily can your site visitor find out how to get in touch? Do you have an enquiry form to allow those wanting to make a quick contact? How about a ‘Call me Back’ facility? Can visitors participate in a live text chat online?  People want answers quick these days and if they can’t find them at your site, they may move to where they can.

5. Monitored & measured – How do you measure traffic to your site and conversions? If you’re not tracking your site’s analytics, then how can you benchmark your site to improve its performance?