A key component for the successful promotion of a commercial or residential property development is a property brochure or ‘property particulars’.

A potential buyer or tenant will often be considering several properties – therefore it is essential that your development or property stands head and shoulders above others under consideration.

Here are our 3 key points to creating a successful property brochure:

1. High Quality Images –

Photography or imagery is the single most important element of a property brochure – this is the one opportunity to convey the aesthetics of the development or individual property – high quality, professional photography or CGIs are essential.

2. Key Message/Proposition –

This is applicable for both residential and commercial property brochures – What is the key benefit or proposition to communicate for the development or individual property?

The key message should be conveyed clearly on the front cover to engage the reader and ensure they read on.

3. Design & Production

The ’look and feel’ of a brochure must match the property

If the brochure is for a high-end residential development in an upmarket area then a poorly designed and low quality produced brochure will not cut the mustard.

Even in-house particulars should be professionally produced; this is the primary sales tool for property agents so why cut corners?