The following article looks in-depth at one of the trends in our Property Marketing Trends 2016.

They say that content is king. But ‘they’ say a lot, and ‘they’ are not always right. In this case, ‘they’ are wrong again. Content is certainly not king. Context is.

Your property portfolio likely looks at a number of different audiences. There will most certainly be a difference in the type of person who is looking for an apartment, versus the person who is looking for the entire block of apartments.

Each audience, however many you are aiming to reach, will have different needs, wants and interests. So you must take into consideration how each audience should be reached. One piece of content does not fit all, but one piece of content can be adapted, changed and delivered in different ways to reach each individual audience.

The context is what matters here. You must ‘uber-target’ content through context such as the channels the audience is on (do they read content on Twitter or LinkedIn, on news sites or blogs), the times they are consuming content (morning commute, late evening etc.) and the keywords that grab their attention.

But how on earth do you discover this? Well, there’s a few ways. Possibly the most powerful is social media. By using social analysis, we can begin to deeply understand audiences and dissect them into smaller groups with aligned interests. The channels they use, the times they are online and the keywords in content they read and share all provide a picture of that audience, and feed into a contextual content strategy.

Beyond social, media audits, search analysis and surveys all play a part in building a persona or character that best describes each audience. This picture helps visualise the reader when writing content, and ensures you always go out with uber-targeted materials.

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