There are dozens of annual property awards worldwide. With more ‘gongs’ being added each season, it’s natural to ask how much value they really bring to the industry. Some people believe that property awards are a prestigious way to get esteem for great work, while others find themselves asking whether they’re really worth all the work that goes into the application process.

We often get asked about this and our answer is always the same. Quite simply, we believe property awards are an excellent way to showcase impressive work. This is true whether we’re talking big international awards or small local ones.

Need a bit of convincing? Here’s why we think property awards are well worth the effort.

An award can put your work in front of valuable contacts

Award ceremonies typically attract guests from all areas of the property industry. This can include agents, developers, architects and investors. An award win, or even a nomination, can help to put your hard work in front of all these people. This can be a great way to make new contacts and get your company name out there. Who knows what it might lead to?

An award can add prestige to your company

Reputation is hugely important in the property industry. Many factors will have an impact on yours, but the prestige of an award nomination or win can give you an excellent boost. This is why many winners choose to advertise their award nods as much as possible, such as by adding it to their website, email signatures, printed literature or even signage.

An award can result in local or national media coverage

A nod from an award ceremony can lead to a great deal of free publicity. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller or newer companies who don’t have much of a budget for PR. Most local papers will offer award coverage, and in some cases, you may even make it to a national paper. Just make sure you take advantage of the situation by putting together a strong press release and distributing it to as many relevant media outlets as possible.

An award can open up new opportunities

One of the best things about winning an award is that it can bring you to the attention of some of the really big players in the industry. An award win could help you to catch the eye of a big investor, or could help you make future project bids really stand out.

We’re not the only ones who are big fans of property awards. In fact, we’re very far from the minority! A range of national property companies rely on awards to gain PR, boost their reputation and showcase their work. This includes estate agencies such as Savills, Coulters, Reed Rains and Your Move as well as big names in development such as Heritage Homes, Dandara, Ortus Homes and Higgins Homes PLC.

Would you like to get in on the action? Here’s a good place to start. Earlier in the year, we blogged about 8 Prestigious Property Awards to Look Out for in 2016. Take a look for some inspiration on what you could put yourself forward for.

If you’re thinking of entering your work for an award and want some advice on how to maximise your chances of winning, we’d be happy to help. Here’s how to get in touch.