With property in London regularly reaching into the millions, at a time when a parking space could set you back £350,000, it could be worth making the move to the north and looking at castles.

Moving to Scotland could be a culture shock, but unlike in Game of Thrones where everyone is getting as south as possible (for good reason), winter isn’t coming – and a castle in the most northern part of the UK could be a wonderful investment.

Here are 5 beautiful castles for sale at the moment on savills.com, with one for sale at under £1 million – bargain! Just make sure you can afford the upkeep.

Earlshall Castle – Price on request

“One of the best-kept 16th-century houses in Scotland.”

Castles: Earlshall Castle


Tower Of Lethendy – £4.6m

“The ultimate Scottish residence with private golf course.”

Castles: Tower Of Lethendy


Hatton Castle – £4.5m

“The estate extends to some 848 acres of agricultural land and commercial and amenity woodland.”

Castles: Hatton Castle



Cassillis Estate – £3.9m

“An imposing castle standing high above the River Doon steeped in history.”

Castles: Cassillis Estate


Cats Castle – £675k

“A fine baronial castle with 2-bedroom self-contained wing.”

Castles: Cats Castle


So after seeing such grand properties that wouldn’t look so out of place in Westeros, would you make the trip beyond the wall?