Last week, Facebook announced a new technology at their F8 conference. We covered the event in our blog post here, but the key breakthrough we’re interested in, is AI chatbots.

Facebook is allowing brands to develop AI chat programmes to interact with customers, partners and clients of pages, helping speed up the time it takes for a response. If done right, this will hugely increase engagement and accelerate people through the sales funnel.

Facebook aren’t the only ones doing this. All the big tech companies are. Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft all have their sights set on AI, and it’s proving to be as popular, and likely appearing sooner, than the current hot topic, virtual reality.

How will AI chatbots help property marketers, though? Well, they allow bots to speak to bots. By developing a high-quality AI programme, you will be able to allow potential clients the ability to gain immediate responses to questions, hook in with other tools and services (i.e. measurements, industry benchmarking etc.) and get the information they need while providing you with a full transcript and contact details.

Imagine logging into Facebook and having a conversation with a brand, one that seems just as real as speaking to a human. This is the AI chatbot experience. It will become the norm, so stay one step ahead and start developing now!

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