India Property Opportunity

Recent years in the Indian property market have been tough. Faced with slow demand, you would hardly say that the country is an ideal real estate investment opportunity.

However, things look to be on the up. A recent report has found that the struggle looks to be ending. The economy is recovering and the regulatory environment has become less murky. As we stand right now, India is the world’s fastest growing economy.

One unique element of developing in India is the weather and in particular, the monsoon period. If the monsoon is worse than expected, then it has a large impact on productivity. It is much harder to complete a big task, let’s say create a new retail investment when there are 500,000 lightning strikes. It can be extremely dangerous.

On the flip side, a recent lack of rain over the past two years has seen weak agriculture results, leading to a lack of property demand. In 2016, this is set to change. The more rain, the higher demand.

Further backing up the theory that India is the place to invest, more than 40% of expats living in the UAE are buying more property back in India, new research has found. “43% of the respondents opted to invest in Indian real estate so that they could build profit on it”. The southern Indian city of Mangalore fast emerging as a favoured destination. Meanwhile, over in the US, Fremont, Portland and Seattle will be holding their first ever Indian property shows.

Finally, to really hammer home our point, Bain & Company are predicting that demand in India for real estate will growth by 9% each year up until at least 2020. With existing property owners staying in a holding pattern, demand is starting to outstrip supply. The market is sat there, waiting to be taken advantage of. So, when it comes to your next move, don’t forget about India.