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TED Talks Blog Post
May 25 / Inspiration

Best of TED: How to revive a neighborhood

We love a good TED Talk. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, they are live talks that people can go and see, about inspiration subject matters, from which we can all learn. But they also film each once and put them on the internet for all to enjoy.

Within this vast treasure trove of learning are several talks all about property and real estate. Even if you are only vaguely interested in the subject matter, a great TED Talk is engaging.

So, without further ado, here is our latest recommendation. Watch the video below for Theaster Gates explaining how a neighborhood can be revived through imagination, beauty and art. Hear how he transformed abandoned buildings into community hubs that connected and inspired those in Grand Crossing, Chicago. From buying a run-down, cheap, building and then using architecture and creative thinking to turn it into something that is valued.

At just 16 minutes in length, this is a quick way to find your next property development inspiration.

May 18 / Inspiration

Best of TED: How to build a property portfolio on Mars

TED Talks are intended to drive passion, creativity and inspire imaginations. As such, they don’t have to be limited by today’s capabilities. So bear with us on this one.

In his 2015 talk, Stephen Petranek, a technology futurist, discussed the requirements for humans living on Mars. As you will see, it is possible. Tough, but possible.

So, if we are going to reach Mars by 2040, then there will need to be living spaces for the astronauts calling it home until the end of their days. Are you up for the challenge of becoming the first interstellar real estate company?

May 17 / Property

5 stunning man-made islands

Land always retains its value. That’s because space is limited. But there are property developers who aren’t restrained by these limitations, and think outside the box – by creating land itself. Artificial islands are the result, and they look stunning.

Here we take a look at 5 of the most beautiful man-made islands in the world. In reverse order, we travel the globe looking at new, artificial wonders that prove architecture isn’t just about buildings, but the land they sit upon too.

5. Peberholm

# Peberholm

Peberholm is a small artificial island in the Danish part of the Øresund strait, created as part of the Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden.

Interestingly, scientists predicted that nature would colonize the island and flourish on its own, without any human interaction whatsoever. As of June 2007, scientists from the Biological Society of Lund had registered 454 species of plants on the island.

4. Amwaj Islands

# Amwaj Islands

The Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands located in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain.

The Islands contain residential, commercial,  hotel and retail buildings, as well as a marina. Other facilities include a school, university, hospital, fuel station, theme parks and a dining and café precinct.

3. The Pearl-Qatar

# Pearl Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar in Doha, Qatar, is an artificial island spanning nearly four million square metres. Once fully completed, The Pearl will create over 32 kilometres of new coastline, for use as a residential estate with an expected 18,831 dwellings and 45,000 residents by 2018.

2. Palm Island

# Palm Island

The Palm Islands are artificial islands constructed from sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. For the precise shape of the island, sand is sprayed from dredging ships, guided by GPS, onto the required area.

Unfortunately, construction had a significant impact on the surrounding environment, resulting in changes to area wildlife, coastal erosion, alongshore sediment transport and wave patterns.

1. The World Islands

# World Islands

The World Islands are a set of artificial islands in the rough shape of a world map, located adjacent to Palm Islands.

Construction began in 2003, only to halt due to the 2008 financial crisis. Though 60 percent of the islands had been sold off to private contractors back in 2008, development on most of these islands has failed to continue.

So if you’re looking for a manmade opportunity, this may be the one for you!

May 16 / Design, Property

A look at Dubai’s newest project: the world’s tallest tower

Dubai is, once again, developing the world’s tallest tower. Of course, the Burj Khalifa, also based in Dubai, currently holds this title at 829.8 m (2,722 ft) tall. But the country is nothing but ambitious.

The latest project, Jeddah Tower, will be the first structure ever to reach the one-kilometre-high mark. In fact, it was initially planned to be 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) high, but the geology of the area proved unsuitable.

Jeddah Tower

The building is being created by Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the wealthiest man in the Middle East, and nephew of the late King Abdullah. This is handy, since the project is expected to cost $1.23 billion.

While Dubai continues to build real estate of truly epic proportions, it is interesting to note that, from a value perspective, marketers say prices for the new apartments start at over seven-times less per square foot than in prime central London.

And with this comes the question of investment. The credit agency Standard & Poor’s recently said it expects UAE real estate prices to continue sliding in 2016, highlighting lower oil, a stronger dollar and geopolitical tensions as reasons behind this prediction.

But there is of course no denying, the world’s tallest building, and first to reach a full kilometer, will always hold desire at spectacular proportions.

Best of Ted
May 13 / Design, Property

Best of TED: Magical houses, made of bamboo

Elora Hardy and her team in Bali create the most amazing homes out of Bamboo. A must watch TED Talk, she explains how they made such incredible buildings, incorporating amazing architecture and a process that involves making scale structural models out of the same material used to build the house.

Making serious engineering and art form, simply spend 10 minutes watching the video below and be inspired.


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