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June 14 / Marketing, Property

State of the real estate market: June 2016

Another month, another set of figures swinging from one end to the other. Welcome to the world of real estate. Let’s take a look at the property market, as it stands, in June.

Cost of renting increases

This should come as no surprise, and feels like we’re a broken record, but once again, the cost of rental property has increased across the UK – not just London!

The average rent for a one-bedroom property has risen to £746 per month, which is around 48% of the average person’s wages. In London, people can expect to pay 57% of their wages, with the average rent for the same style property at £1,133.

Good news for landlords of course.

Lack of housing

More broken records coming. As you would expect, driving the increased cost of renting, is a lack of new housing in the UK. And figures coming out now, looking at May this year, showed UK property supply down by 5%.

The north of England is being hit worst, where the lack of property (accounting for 47%) is seeing the biggest drop. But while London isn’t faring any better (in general), some boroughs are doing okay – for example, Merton saw supply increase 30% in May.

House prices increase

This all points towards higher house prices. Yes, despite the EU referendum looming over the property market, house prices are still managing to be on the up, with a 8.2% rise in the past year, across the UK, with a rise of 14.5% in London.

Unfortunately, the north of England continues to be hit worst, with the north east seeing only a 0.1% increase in prices – hardly comparable to the UK-wide figures. So, depending on how it may affect your commute, you’re likely to get a house for less than the average £209,054 if you head up north.

June 7 / Design, Inspiration, Property

5 weird and wonderful properties from around the world

Property isn’t always about the standard home or cuboid buildings, it can take the form of a home made out of an abandoned aeroplane, or be designed to look like a piano on the horizon. Strange property isn’t hard to find when you know where to look. So in this post we’ve done the hard work for you and found the 5 most weird and wonderful properties from around the world.

  1. One Log House

One Log House is a home carved out of a single log of a felled redwood tree – which was over 2,000 years old!

One Log House

Image source

  1. Piano House

It may look like something created in Minecraft, but this glass-clad home, in Japan, is the real deal – and not to be outdone, they added a cello for good measure.

Piano House

Image source

  1. Katskhi Pillar Monastery

The Katskhi Pillar monastery in Chiatura, Georgia, is a very lonely place. But the 61-year-old monk who lives there doesn’t seem to mind.

Katskhi Pillar Monastery

Image source

  1. Bridge House(s)

Google ‘bridge house’ and you’ll discover an incredible series of properties that are designed to bridge across a river or land. Joeb Moore’s are some of the most beautiful.

Bridge House

Image source

  1. Boulder House

The boulder house, or Casa Do Penedo to give it its full name, was built to give peace and solitude to the owner. Flocks of tourists have since forced them to move out.

Boulder House

Image source


Best of Ted
June 6 / Design, Inspiration

Best of TED: How to fit more people in every city

A problem with many cities is that they were designed (or perhaps not even that) without the anticipation of the huge growth in population we have seen all over the world. But one man, in the TED Talk below, thinks the design of a city for a pre-automotive era could, in fact, hold the key to packing more people in.

In this TED Talk, Kent Larson explains how this would work, making everything you need within walking distance. He doesn’t stop there, though, and goes on to feature folding cars, quick-change apartments and other innovations that could make the city of the future work a lot like a small village of the past.

Buenos Aires
June 2 / Property

Say Hello to Buenos Aires, like Paris in Latin America. Only more profitable.

That’s a pretty bold title, we know. But Argentina, and specifically Buenos Aires holds real and largely untapped potential in terms of property investment. Let us explain why.

Argentina as a country has seen turmoil in recent years, but towards the end of 2015, Mauricio Macri was elected President and things have been much more stable since. The former civil engineer has created an ambitious infrastructure plan, boosted welfare programmes and advocates free-market policies.

This perceived stability from the election has contributed towards favourable exchange rates and increased exports. From this, the interest in the luxury real estate market has increased. Now, with the Argentine economy seeming on the up, a gap has formed for the wealthy to purchase new property.

From an outside investment point of view, a solid government structure is a key to making the decision. Expect an increasing number of foreign businesses and individuals speculating on the luxury home market in Argentina. Best beat them to it!

Which leads us on to Buenos Aires in particular. Known as the ‘Paris of Latin America’ is packed full of character, wonderful architecture, grand halls and cafes. The recently devalued currency means you can purchase buildings and land for far less than you could 5 years ago. Property agents are predicting that these prices will not last forever, stating that they are slowly recovering already.

How about a 6-bedroom apartment, close to the city centre, dating from 1931 and feature high ceilings and oak floors? Yours for around £415,000. Aha, thought so! While prices are down 8% when compared to 2014, property purchases are up 1.9%.

The time to visit Buenos Aires is right now, do not miss out.


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