Property isn’t always about the standard home or cuboid buildings, it can take the form of a home made out of an abandoned aeroplane, or be designed to look like a piano on the horizon. Strange property isn’t hard to find when you know where to look. So in this post we’ve done the hard work for you and found the 5 most weird and wonderful properties from around the world.

  1. One Log House

One Log House is a home carved out of a single log of a felled redwood tree – which was over 2,000 years old!

One Log House

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  1. Piano House

It may look like something created in Minecraft, but this glass-clad home, in Japan, is the real deal – and not to be outdone, they added a cello for good measure.

Piano House

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  1. Katskhi Pillar Monastery

The Katskhi Pillar monastery in Chiatura, Georgia, is a very lonely place. But the 61-year-old monk who lives there doesn’t seem to mind.

Katskhi Pillar Monastery

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  1. Bridge House(s)

Google ‘bridge house’ and you’ll discover an incredible series of properties that are designed to bridge across a river or land. Joeb Moore’s are some of the most beautiful.

Bridge House

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  1. Boulder House

The boulder house, or Casa Do Penedo to give it its full name, was built to give peace and solitude to the owner. Flocks of tourists have since forced them to move out.

Boulder House

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