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Best of Ted
May 13 / Design, Property

Best of TED: Magical houses, made of bamboo

Elora Hardy and her team in Bali create the most amazing homes out of Bamboo. A must watch TED Talk, she explains how they made such incredible buildings, incorporating amazing architecture and a process that involves making scale structural models out of the same material used to build the house.

Making serious engineering and art form, simply spend 10 minutes watching the video below and be inspired.

Best of Ted
May 3 / Design, Property

Best of TED: Bjarke Ingels architecture tales

Wonderful architecture tales are those that completely blow your mind. To see the final product itself is usually incredible enough. But when you hear the story of how a building came to be, the wonder becomes so much more.

Bjarke Ingels, a danish architect, gave a talk at TED Global in 2009 where he explained the process behind 3 projects he developed, and the incredible stories of how he used nature in every element of design. From using it for a project management process, all the way through to buildings that don’t just look like nature, but act like it too.

Take a short break and invest 18 minutes in watching this TED Talk – we’re certain it will be well worth it for the inspiration alone.

Did you like the CGI animations at the end of Bjarke’s video? Take a look at our video service and see if we can help you create similar.

TED Talks Blog Post
April 14 / Design

Best of TED: Using nature’s genius in architecture

TED Talks are often inspirational, thought provoking and allow us to consider things in ways never before. With this in mind, TED Talks can be a powerful tool for architects to break new boundaries, using new technologies, out-there ideas and to charge their creative juices.

In our new blog series, ‘Best of TED’ we’ll share some of the great TED Talks we come across that will help inspire, excite and cause pause for thought. We’ll post these as and when we discover new talks, but if you’d like to see them more often, sign up to our newsletter as we’re sure to share them monthly on there too (sign up using the form below).

Our first Best of TED looks at using nature’s genius in architecture. This talk is by Michael Pawlyn, an architect who uses nature to inspire sustainable architectural environments. Watch the video below to see how he and his team manage this.

Source: ted.com

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