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Best of Ted
May 3 / Design, Property

Best of TED: Bjarke Ingels architecture tales

Wonderful architecture tales are those that completely blow your mind. To see the final product itself is usually incredible enough. But when you hear the story of how a building came to be, the wonder becomes so much more.

Bjarke Ingels, a danish architect, gave a talk at TED Global in 2009 where he explained the process behind 3 projects he developed, and the incredible stories of how he used nature in every element of design. From using it for a project management process, all the way through to buildings that don’t just look like nature, but act like it too.

Take a short break and invest 18 minutes in watching this TED Talk – we’re certain it will be well worth it for the inspiration alone.

Did you like the CGI animations at the end of Bjarke’s video? Take a look at our video service and see if we can help you create similar.

Grand Designs
April 27 / Design, Property

How to appear on Grand Designs

Grand Designs has offered great viewing for property enthusiasts for over a decade now (in fact, we’re only 3 years from the 20th anniversary of the show). Each home that has been featured has been truly unique and often awe-inspiring. But have you ever wondered how you can have your home featured on the show?

If you are developing a new property, one that you yourself will end up living in – perhaps the dream build you have always wanted to create, or the world’s most sustainable building – then you can easily appear on the show. The process is rather simple.

Grand Designs is produced by Boundless Productions for Channel 4. So the first step is to stop emailing or tweeting at Channel 4 and instead bother Boundless Productions. Their email and phone number for enquiries about appearing are below. But first, read this checklist:

  1. Your project is a new residential build or significant (and they mean significant!) residential conversion.
  2. The project is truly unique or has interesting elements of design, materials used, construction techniques, location or the people involved (that’s your own story).
  3. Planning permission is in place – despite what you may have seen on the show in the past where featured couples haven’t exactly had this beforehand, you must.
  4. You are planning to live in the property yourself – sorry developers, maybe next time. However, previous shows have featured those building multiple properties but living in one of the homes.
  5. You agree to be filmed. Well… what else did you expect?

So, do you have a project coming up that is worthy of being featured on Grand Designs? The publicity is huge, and being featured can drastically increase the property value, so we thoroughly recommend it.

If so, just contact the production company by email: granddesigns@boundlessproductions.tv or by phone: 01494 733538.

Good luck – and let us know how you get on!

TED Talks Blog Post
April 14 / Design

Best of TED: Using nature’s genius in architecture

TED Talks are often inspirational, thought provoking and allow us to consider things in ways never before. With this in mind, TED Talks can be a powerful tool for architects to break new boundaries, using new technologies, out-there ideas and to charge their creative juices.

In our new blog series, ‘Best of TED’ we’ll share some of the great TED Talks we come across that will help inspire, excite and cause pause for thought. We’ll post these as and when we discover new talks, but if you’d like to see them more often, sign up to our newsletter as we’re sure to share them monthly on there too (sign up using the form below).

Our first Best of TED looks at using nature’s genius in architecture. This talk is by Michael Pawlyn, an architect who uses nature to inspire sustainable architectural environments. Watch the video below to see how he and his team manage this.

Source: ted.com

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March 23 / Design, Marketing, Websites

6 Stunning Real Estate and Property Websites

In the past, a property company’s shopfront was just that: their shopfront. The quality of a window display in an estate agent shop, showhome or sales office would be directly proportional to how successful that company was.

These days we are well into the digital age and though shop and sales office window displays are still very important, real estate and property companies now have a much bigger window to worry about.

We’re talking, of course, about the web.

Most property buyers, developers and investors will head to the internet to do much of their research. The standard of the websites they find there will have a big impact on how they view each property or real estate company. In other words… it’s never been so important to have a website that’s designed to impress.

Want to some of the best? We’ve hunted down six excellent examples of real estate and property websites.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.17.00

Here is an estate agent who’ve really got it right. Their website makes great use of bold sliding images, sticks to a consistent and distinctive colour palette, and makes it really easy to quickly find the information you need. We particularly like the handy ‘Property Search’ and ‘Property Valuation’ links right at the top of the page as well as the social media buttons down the side.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.18.27

There’s something special about Scandinavian style. This Stockholm-based estate agent has got it in spades. We admire their striking use of typography, their tempting aspirational images and their simple-but-elegant property listings.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.18.00

One of the great things about being in the luxury property market is that you’ll always have an abundance of gorgeous properties to advertise. This real estate company have really taken advantage of this by using their valuable home page space to showcase their top properties. In addition to this, we also think this website has a gorgeously simple colour scheme, straightforward navigation and a reassuring use of white space.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.17.44

It’s great when you see something quirky on a real estate or property website.  This estate agent website drew us in with their unusual navigation tool. Their homepage features an easy to use property search function surrounded by bold circular buttons for the most common requests. This website also has a fantastic ‘draw your own search area’ feature that works really well.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.18.45

This website looks really striking at first glance, but it’s not until you scroll that you get the full experience. We really like the use of high-quality images of the development, as well as the inspiring copy and personal quotations from the project architect, construction team and interior designer.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 13.19.41

We’ve saved our favourite example till last. It’s unusual that you see a property and real estate website that really breaks out of the standard mould, but we think this website for a New York property development has done just that.

This site helps to prove the theory that less is more. The team behind the development have created a digital sales space that features as few words as possible in order to really let the images of their development do the talking. The bold teal colour scheme and the stylised greyscale images come together to make something really eye-catching. The quirky contact form at the bottom of the page also seriously impressed us.

Have these examples motivated you to make changes to your own website? Get in touch to find out how we can help you create a digital window to be proud of.


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