Online, Content and SEO

SEO, content creation and online marketing are crucial tools in the modern marketer’s arsenal.  In the property sector, they can combine to become a very powerful and targeted method of gaining awareness, loyalty and sales.   

Social Media.  Somewhere online, you and your competitors are being discussed. If you’re not listening and participating, your competition probably is.  Connecting with the influencers online with social media is a powerful way to gain credibility and loyalty. At Elevation we’ve been ensuring our clients are engaging with their online audiences since the early days of the social web.  With property marketing, this can include utilising Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. 

Strategic and intelligent use of social media can be incredibly targeted and can get your message, images, videos and content to the exact audience you’re seeking, quickly and efficiently.
Why not ask us to audit your online presence?  We can produce a complimentary report that will give you an in-depth insight into exactly how you and your competition are being discussed online.

Online Marketing.  Some of your target audience may not have heard of your organisation yet, so how can you reach them quickly?  Or how can you alert your more loyal audience to an important event or development?  Perhaps it’s a trade event you’re exhibiting at, or you need to move units in a new development.  Paid media online is the perfect way to capture the targets you need with utmost precision.  It can be especially effective when mixed with other online initiatives, and at Elevation, our in-house team have years of experience managing online media so you can be certain that every penny spent will be cost-effective.

SEO.  See also content!  In many ways, SEO is like traditional PR.  It should be about giving people what they want, because if you do, they’ll be interested in you and are likely to return for more.  SEO has become completely intertwined with good, creative content, which is good news for us, as this is where we excel!  As property marketing experts, we understand what compelling content is for real estate professionals and audiences.  We’ve produced some fantastic results for our clients in SEO, so why not be one of them?  We can produce an SEO audit for your organisation so you can see exactly where you are on the web.

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