PR & Media

If you’re wondering why Elevation is best placed to handle your PR communications, consider this: We’re a digitally-led agency that realises that online has to be at the heart of all PR campaign strategies.  We’re also property experts and are immersed in real estate media day-in, day-out.

At Elevation, we customise our property PR approach to our clients’ individual requirements.  Whilst this may sound obvious, many agencies prefer to trot out the same tools and approach for each and every campaign. However, we believe every case is different but whilst our strategy may differ for each client, the tactics we use share much in common.

Thoroughly assessing your objectives and the current communications situation is pre-requisite, and we find that taking the time to agree on the right goals increases the chances of successful outcomes.  At Elevation, we concentrate on creativity in PR whilst also ensuring that what we supply the media is what their audience want, not some ego-driven corporate announcement.

PR has moved on and our digitally driven approach can provide you with the audience interaction you require.  Our specialism in property also means that we have the media contacts to speak to, and our property knowledge means we understand what they require.  The net result is exposure for your brand or development.

Throughout and after campaigns we measure success via comprehensive measurement criteria and analysis programmes. We shine a light on how your PR marketing channels interact and influence your audience throughout the whole customer journey and along the sales funnel. For positive ROI in today’s PR, talk to us.

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