Grand Designs

Grand Designs has offered great viewing for property enthusiasts for over a decade now (in fact, we’re only 3 years from the 20th anniversary of the show). Each home that has been featured has been truly unique and often awe-inspiring. But have you ever wondered how you can have your home featured on the show?

If you are developing a new property, one that you yourself will end up living in – perhaps the dream build you have always wanted to create, or the world’s most sustainable building – then you can easily appear on the show. The process is rather simple.

Grand Designs is produced by Boundless Productions for Channel 4. So the first step is to stop emailing or tweeting at Channel 4 and instead bother Boundless Productions. Their email and phone number for enquiries about appearing are below. But first, read this checklist:

  1. Your project is a new residential build or significant (and they mean significant!) residential conversion.
  2. The project is truly unique or has interesting elements of design, materials used, construction techniques, location or the people involved (that’s your own story).
  3. Planning permission is in place – despite what you may have seen on the show in the past where featured couples haven’t exactly had this beforehand, you must.
  4. You are planning to live in the property yourself – sorry developers, maybe next time. However, previous shows have featured those building multiple properties but living in one of the homes.
  5. You agree to be filmed. Well… what else did you expect?

So, do you have a project coming up that is worthy of being featured on Grand Designs? The publicity is huge, and being featured can drastically increase the property value, so we thoroughly recommend it.

If so, just contact the production company by email: or by phone: 01494 733538.

Good luck – and let us know how you get on!