Email is dead is stated far too often. The fact that people keep saying it means that the message hasn’t stuck. And why? Because email is about as dead as Jon Snow. I mean, come on, he’s absolutely coming back!

I digress. Email is alive and kicking. Honestly, ask yourself how often you use email each day and you’ll see how much impact it has in the modern world. Alternatives such as Basecamp or Slack (a favourite of ours) have not replaced email. In fact, emails are sent through Basecamp and Slack will send a summary email of the week on progress. Why? Because people check email!

So for marketers, especially in B2B sectors, email is a great way to reach your audience. It is a one on one conversation – you speak to the audience direct. It is device agnostic – you can connect with an audience 24/7, whether on the phone, desktop or other. And it most certainly isn’t going – people use email to sign up to services. Without email, we’re practically off the grid.

Here’s the kicker, though. Emails don’t change. You keep your email for years. There are only two real exceptions:

  1. For the graduates among you, it is likely you’re switching from fuzzybunny99 to something a little more formal
  2. When you switch jobs (but only your work email changes)

So, for the most part, and especially when gathering personal emails, the contact list you create will outlast any influencer or media list. And the average person changes their job only every 4.4 years, so use this number as a guide for how many years should go by before a database refresh.

Email is long-term. It was around at the very beginning of the emergence of the internet, pre-web (and yes, there is a difference), and will easily be around for years to come. In marketing, it offers multi-channel real estate to have your messaging appear on. With click through rates in the region of 30% here at Elevation, it is even more effective than organic social media marketing.

We could, of course, go on. But how about we let the results speak for themselves? Get in touch if you need help with your email marketing and we’ll show you just how powerful email can be – yes, even in 2016!