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July 21 / Inspiration, Property, Social Media

Top 5 smarthome technologies (compatible with IFTTT)

Whether you are developing property for rental, and want to give that polished feel, or you’ve recently moved into a property yourself and want the most modern finishes available to you, smarthome technologies are going to be way up there on your wishlist.

The smarthome is one of the best examples of the ‘Internet of Things’. So many appliances and utilities can be connected to your home’s WiFi network, and by extension your smartphone, tablet or other services that make use of the APIs in the tech, allowing you to control your home from wherever you may be.

The smarthome technologies we feature below are not just fascinating because of what they can do alone, but all of them can also connect to a service called IFTTT (if this, then that) which allows them to speak to one another. For example, you put a romantic playlist on Sonos, and your lights turn red. Oh the romance!

Take a look at our top 5 smarthome technologies, that are both awesome in their own right, but also talk to one another for all sorts of hacks!

1. Nest

Nest thermostat learns your schedule and the temperatures you like. In theory, you should never have to touch the thermostat again, and even knows when you’re away, or likely to be back. Through IFTTT, you can even use location to let it know you’re on the way home.

2. Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa is designed around your voice. It’s always on, allowing you to ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. With IFTTT you can even use it to control other smarthome technologies, such as turning the Nest thermostat down.

3. Hue

Philips Hue connected bulbs let you take full control of your lighting, turning to whatever colour you fancy, or blinking for alerts. Through IFTTT, you can even set the colour of your home to match your latest Instagram, or to flash when you’re tagged in a Facebook post.

4. Musaic

Musaic is a Smart Hi-Fi system, allowing you to enjoy your music in every room. Through the IFTTT integration, you can set your Hue lights to go into disco mode when your party playlist plays, or even sound an alarm if someone breaks in.

5. Danalock

Danalock lets you control the access to your properties. Through the IFTTT integration, you can set it so your front door unlocks when you arrive at the house, or to lock via text, or at a certain time of day that you set, so you can always be sure.

Have you used any of these smarthome technologies in your properties? Let us know on Twitter, @ElevationComms.

April 4 / Marketing

Before VR there was AR; and its property marketing applications are incredible

VR marketing is something you should certainly be thinking about. VR is set to explode and the opportunities to market property using the technology are literally endless – anything can be created in a virtual world. But have you ever considered your AR strategy?

AR stands for ‘augmented reality’, and where it differs from virtual reality is that you get to see your immediate surroundings with elements changed. Millions of us actually use AR already (just download Snapchat and use their filters to see AR in action), which is perhaps why the AR market is predicted to be worth more than VR.

Snapchat is a fun way that AR can be implemented. But there are many more serious applications too. Think about one of the core difficulties of selling a property. Often, buyers cannot see past the current state or makeup of a building. AR can solve this major issue.

For a realtor, this means replacing the furniture and decorations in a home to suit the buyers taste. An office letting agency can allow businesses to see how the space can be laid out differently, and allow for change as the company grows. A development that is yet to be completed can be visualised in person, with buildings and hotels emerging from the ground, all thanks to AR and a fancy headset.

The technology is here too. Apps allow for people to view an augmented reality directly from their phone, while headsets such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, allow for a much more advanced vision of reality, with the level of sophistication that is suited to luxury property.

So with AR already here, being used by millions and able to bridge a gap between reality and virtual reality, should you get your AR property marketing strategy in order? Get in touch so we can help.

March 31 / Marketing

What’s your VR property marketing strategy?

As we explained in our property marketing trends for 2016, VR is a big deal, and now, it’s becoming even more mainstream – just as we predicted.

Samsung has released the Gear headset, PlayStation are releasing theirs later this year and the leader of the pack, Oculus Rift, is just about to ship to customers this week. And, for those who can’t afford the £600 price tag (although, remember when they said no one would pay such an amount for a phone?), there is always Google Cardboard!

Simply put, it is affordable, accessible, and unavoidably on its way to becoming a mainstream product. In your bag will be your phone, tablet and VR headset. Perhaps even the headset element will disappear in the future too.

Now that it’s here. It’s time to talk about your VR strategy.

If you’re selling a planned hotel resort, wouldn’t you want to show clients around without having to vet every enquiry before sending them out. If you’re building an apartment block, wouldn’t it be great to ditch the floorplans and have investors walk through the rooms. VR can do this.

VR allows you to provide potential buyers with the experience they need to fully understand your product. Blueprints, images, video – they all play their part. But put them together in an interactive, realistic experience and you’ve got the most powerful marketing tool ever made.

If you work in a marketing funnel, let’s make this clear. VR will accelerate customers through the funnel. All the touch points you usually make will be made within the one experience delivered to them through the VR sensation. Sales will happen.

The possibilities really are endless. Any experience can be created. It is breath of fresh air too. Customers are seeing the same marketing everywhere – be the first to offer something different.

So, what’s your VR strategy? Not sure? Get in touch and see if we can help (we can).


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