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Best of Ted
May 13 / Design, Property

Best of TED: Magical houses, made of bamboo

Elora Hardy and her team in Bali create the most amazing homes out of Bamboo. A must watch TED Talk, she explains how they made such incredible buildings, incorporating amazing architecture and a process that involves making scale structural models out of the same material used to build the house.

Making serious engineering and art form, simply spend 10 minutes watching the video below and be inspired.

Best of Ted
May 3 / Design, Property

Best of TED: Bjarke Ingels architecture tales

Wonderful architecture tales are those that completely blow your mind. To see the final product itself is usually incredible enough. But when you hear the story of how a building came to be, the wonder becomes so much more.

Bjarke Ingels, a danish architect, gave a talk at TED Global in 2009 where he explained the process behind 3 projects he developed, and the incredible stories of how he used nature in every element of design. From using it for a project management process, all the way through to buildings that don’t just look like nature, but act like it too.

Take a short break and invest 18 minutes in watching this TED Talk – we’re certain it will be well worth it for the inspiration alone.

Did you like the CGI animations at the end of Bjarke’s video? Take a look at our video service and see if we can help you create similar.

Facebook F8 2016
April 15 / Marketing, Social Media

Facebook F8: how it affects property marketing

Each year, Facebook hold an annual gathering of developers at their F8 conference. This year’s event featured over 40 sessions came with some major product announcements in a keynote talk by company founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

While previous F8 conferences have only had a minor effect on the property marketing industry, this year’s has seen major announcements that could really matter to you. Here’s our top 5 list of announcements you need to know about.

1. Messenger Platform

Facebook is now letting brands tap into conversations through the messenger platform. They’re doing this with AI chat bots, meaning brands will have the ability to solve customer queries entirely by automation. This is a great way to engage followers and answer their questions about properties in an instant manner.

2. Bot Engine

To coincide with the new messenger platform features, Facebook has launched a bot engine, called wit.ai. This will allow developers to create AI chat bots so that you can make the most of the new feature. While it may require some developer investment, we’re betting you’d be one of the first property marketers to be using the feature, so it is worthwhile! Speak to us if you need help.

3. Surround 360

Facebook have launched a physical product, with the new $30,000 Surround 360 VR camera. This camera will allow marketers to take full 360 videos of a property so that potential customers can have a full virtual reality experience. Find out why VR is so important to property in our post here.

4. Live video API

You may have seen notifications from media brands informing you of their live broadcasts on Facebook. Until now, only select outlets had been given access to the feature, but now they’ve opened up the API to allow you to use this too. If you run webinars, this will be a great way to engage your audience. We have a dedicated video team, find out more.

5. Quote Sharing

Facebook new ‘quote sharing’ feature allows people to choose specific pieces of text to share, within a piece of content. This means that your content strategy will now need to make sure that you’re highlighting key messages in such a way that makes people share using this feature.

Want to see the full keynotes for day one and day two on F8? Enjoy:

Day 1 at F8

Day 2 at F8

March 31 / Marketing

What’s your VR property marketing strategy?

As we explained in our property marketing trends for 2016, VR is a big deal, and now, it’s becoming even more mainstream – just as we predicted.

Samsung has released the Gear headset, PlayStation are releasing theirs later this year and the leader of the pack, Oculus Rift, is just about to ship to customers this week. And, for those who can’t afford the £600 price tag (although, remember when they said no one would pay such an amount for a phone?), there is always Google Cardboard!

Simply put, it is affordable, accessible, and unavoidably on its way to becoming a mainstream product. In your bag will be your phone, tablet and VR headset. Perhaps even the headset element will disappear in the future too.

Now that it’s here. It’s time to talk about your VR strategy.

If you’re selling a planned hotel resort, wouldn’t you want to show clients around without having to vet every enquiry before sending them out. If you’re building an apartment block, wouldn’t it be great to ditch the floorplans and have investors walk through the rooms. VR can do this.

VR allows you to provide potential buyers with the experience they need to fully understand your product. Blueprints, images, video – they all play their part. But put them together in an interactive, realistic experience and you’ve got the most powerful marketing tool ever made.

If you work in a marketing funnel, let’s make this clear. VR will accelerate customers through the funnel. All the touch points you usually make will be made within the one experience delivered to them through the VR sensation. Sales will happen.

The possibilities really are endless. Any experience can be created. It is breath of fresh air too. Customers are seeing the same marketing everywhere – be the first to offer something different.

So, what’s your VR strategy? Not sure? Get in touch and see if we can help (we can).

Marketing Property Video Production
March 30 / Marketing

Video is not the future of property marketing; it is the present

If you rewind back to 2011, video was set up to be all the rage. At this time, YouTube had 112,764,000 unique visitors in the US for the month of January, and bloggers were raving about Flip Cams as the must have accessory for video.

Since then, all of our phones record HD or even 4K video, Wi-Fi and 4G speeds have increased, digital cameras offer professional quality for a reasonable price, the GoPro is a thing and 360 video has begun. And YouTube now has over 1 billion monthly active users, which is over a third of people on the internet

In fact, YouTube sees over 6 billion hours of video watched every month and Facebook has seen a sharp rise in video views, while Twitter created Vine and bought Periscope for short clips and live streams alike. Everywhere you look, every other web page or article has an embedded video somewhere.

It has become the norm. By 2017, it is estimated that 69% of all web traffic will be video. When it comes to marketing property, video is now essential.

The main marketing benefit is engagement. A video can auto-play and the moving images and sound can draw people in. They can stay on a web page for longer and let’s be honest, watching a video is easier that reading. In this fast-paced online culture which we live in, that is crucial.

Waterside CGI Property Video

A more engaged visitor is certainly one more likely to purchase or enquire. Which is why video is so important to the larger property market. It can open a dialogue between you and potential customers that a simple web page may not be able to achieve. People who watch can quite literally visualise the experience you are offering to them.

New developments, however, may not have anything that can be filmed. This is where CGI comes into play. At Elevation, we can create a building, or a guided tour, without the need for the building itself. Which is handy since our bricklaying skills are subpar.

Our experienced CGI team can put together interesting video content from scratch, give you a platform to show potential customers or investors what things will develop into. A vision of the future, in the here and now.

Not only is video more popular than ever, it can enable a realisation of a project before the project has even begun and in the hotly contested property market, that can be a crucial edge over the competition. Get in touch to find out more.


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